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Head of Goddess Durga

82.338, 18th-century C.E., Bronze, Orissa, 23x13x34 cm

Durga is a principal Goddess, also known as Devi & Shakti in Hinduism. The word Durga means ‘beyond defeat’. She is associated with protection, strength, motherhood, destruction and wars. Durga was created for the slaying of the Mahisasura for which she received features from every god. Goddess Durga is also worshipped as ten Mahavidyas named Kali, Tara, Tripura Sundari, Bhubaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chhinamasta, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala. Durga, through all her appearance, encompasses the essence of salvation and sacrifice. This beautiful bust of the Goddess Durga is made of bronze with intricate carvings. She is shown with a beautiful smiling face wearing a three-tiered elaborated headdress full of unique designs that make a stunning crown, two beautiful round earrings and a necklace of three strings. Durga is depicted with three eyes. Her two eyes are shown beautifully with arched eyebrows and the third eye is depicted vertically on the forehead. Three eyes signify sun, moon and fire beside the past, present, and future. It also means that she is eternal and will always exist.

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