Upcoming Exhibitions

Peru's Fabulous Treasures

16th Oct. 2018 to 30th Nov. 2018.

The exhibition "Peru's Fabulous Treasures” at Special Exhibition Gallery at National Museum from 16th October- 30th November, 2018 is organized by the National Museum, New Delhi in collaboration with the Embassy of Peru in India.

"Peru's Fabulous Treasures” takes you on a journey through Peruvian history, starting with Ancient Peru and the legendary discovery of the royal tomb of the Lord of Sipan. It then explores the most important Pre-Columbian cultures that flourished in Peru, including through forty original artefacts in terracotta, gold & silver and textiles from the National Museum's collection. It then features the Peru-inspired Tanjore works of artist Sujata Pai. The journey ends with an examination of modern artistic manifestations in Peru, whether it be in painting, tapestry, dress-making.

Peru and India are countries with ancient and deeply rooted cultural traditions; cradles of civilization. Around 2,600 BCE, the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro in South Asia, as well as Caral in the Supe River valley were in their full splendor. Almost five millennia later, the people of Peru continue using techniques and motifs inspired by their ancestors, which now also carry a deep imprint left by the Asian, African and European immigration that took place after the 16th century AD.