The National Museum constantly aspires to be a highly interactive space catering to the needs of multiple audiences. National Museum offers a unique rendezvous with ideas and experiences for people of all the ages, interests, capabilities, and backgrounds. To generate interest towards History and Arts among the young audiences, National Museum has undertaken to offer educational programmes, which act as a medium for our young viewers to learn about cultures represented in the Museum through various antiquities, oral history, while making the process informative, entertaining and fun. Our learning sessions are categorized under the following heads:

·        Regular Learning Sessions

·        Occasional Learning Sessions

·        Special Learning Sessions

Regular learning Sessions: Programmes under this category are organized on regular basis. These learning programmes are predesigned and come with online booking facility. Information pertaining to all sessions under this category is made available on the official website.  The sessions are conducted with at least 50 percent or more participation/ attendance.

Occasional Learning Sessions: Sessions under this category are organized occasionally. These learning programmes are developed around temporary exhibitions, important days & travelling exhibitions. Information about occasional Learning Sessions is made available through monthly calendars and these are either walk-in sessions or pre-booked sessions.

Special Programmes: National Museum continuously strives towards making its galleries and programmes accessible and inclusive for all. Keeping the diversity of museum visitors, all learning sessions conceptualized and delivered in the museum are in consideration for Persons with disabilities (PWDs). Therefore, programmes mentioned under Regular Sessions are also developed keeping PWDs as one of the target audiences.



Ms. Rige Shiba 

Museum Education Officer

Ph.: 23019272 (Ext 237)

Phone Numbers: 
011 23019272, 011 23019322, 011 23019417, 
011 23019352, 011 23019776, 011 23018159



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