Museum at Home

Museum at Home

Museum Videos on Objects, Galleries

North East Tradition- Part 3

North East Tradition- Part 2. 

North East Tradition- Part 1. 

International Day of World Indigenous People.



A visual representation of Ramayana through Indian Miniature Paintings

Lakshmana disfiguring Surpanakha

Worship of Buddha





Late Medieval Art Gallery, Virtual Tour

National Museum of HoponIndia App

   7 Objects 7 Curators- 1

  7 Objects 7 Curators-2

7 Objects 7 Curators- 3

7 Objects 7 Curators- 4

7 Objects 7 Curators- 5

7 Objects 7 Curatora- 6

7 Obects 7 Curators- 7

Museum in 9 Minutes

Museum in 9 Minutes

Shoes and Sandals from Central Asia

Putul: Folk Dolls and Toys of West Bengal

The Holy Quran Exhibition




Online Exhibitions, Virtual Tours, VR/AR

360 degree Panoramic View of National Museum

 3D Views of Sculpture- Online Museum

Online Exhibitions- Arms and Armour

Online Exhibition- Tribal Lifestyle

Online Exhibition- Indian Miniature Paintings

Bronze Gallery-Virtual Tour


Virtual Tour of National Museum

Treasures of National Museum

Radha and Krishna in the Boat of Love

Nauras, The Many Arts of Deccan

The Art of Calligraphy

The Indian Bronzes

North East Gallery of National Museum (Audio Tour)

Sculpture Gallery of National Museum (Audio Tour)

Decanni Ragmala Paintings 

Jewellery of the Nizam ( Exhibition hosted in 2019)

            Explore Indian Culture- India Culture Portal

Online Exhibition- Indian Miniature Paintings (Ramayana)

Ramayana Online Exhibition

Online Exhibition on SCO Shared Buddhist Heritage


The Digital Repository of National Museum, New Delhi

Life in a miniature



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